Sunday, September 28, 2008

7th Heaven?

Well, we have sure been busy. Alec had his surgery on July 11 and it went well. He had some complications after the fact and we were in and out of the hospital all summer long but he is home now and doing good. His head looks great and I am loving running my fingers through his hair everyday. It's great that he doesn't have to wear his helmet all the time now. His seizures are pretty bad right now so we need to work on that but at least we've jumped one hurdle. He would still be wearing the helmet due to his seizures but he has not regained his mobility so he spends his time on the couch and is safe there. We are hoping to buy him some gym mats for the floor so that he has more area to roll around. We discovered that he is very allergic to the carpet and if his skin is in contact with is for more than a few minutes he gets bright red patches on his skin that are hot to the touch. We are really looking forward to getting the mats. Here is a picture of us - I haven't had time to Photoshop myself so just look past the crazy hair and red cheeks, k?

In other news, we are officially MAXED OUT in our minivan with the addition of sweet little Jillian Lynlee! True to form with the other two girls, she arrived after her due date (but only by 21 minutes!) She's such a great mix between Kaity and Piper. Different days I see different similarities. I am *so* glad she is here. I was so sick of being pregnant. I couldn't breathe at night when I tried to sleep and my hips hurt all the time! It's very different being pregnant at 31 than it was at 21. I am really enjoying every minute with her and savoring it all. I don't see myself having any more and I want to cherish all the lovely babiness! But, speaking of babiness, she's decided it's dinner time so I will have to postpone this blog for now. Have a great Sunday!