Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So tired...................*snore, snore*

My little man, Alec, is in the hospital again. The nasty cough that is going around managed to find ALL of my children. Alec handled it okay for about 2 days and then took a quick nosedive Sunday night and ended up in the ER. After about 4 hours they decided that he needed to be transported to the children's hospital (UC Davis) for admission. He had aspirated and developed a pneumonia and was on continuous oxygen for a low pulse ox until yesterday afternoon. He HATES having his face touched and wearing the adult sized mask (why do they only have infant and adult?) made him miserable. I'm so glad he's off the oxygen now. He has literally been a pin cushion since Sunday. He is a notoriously hard stick and he proved no exception this time. I think our count may be up to 20 this time?!? His IV blew today and they couldn't find another vein. Luckily he is tolerating his feeds again and his antibiotics can be administered IM and via his G-tube. His blood culture from the ER grew out staph but we had to repeat the lab today to check whether it is a real infection or a contaminant. I'm praying for the latter. Yesterday we thought he might be discharged today but after spiking a fever last night they said no way. So now we are hoping for Friday. This is all feeling way too familiar. I remember feeling and thinking these same things in February 2006 when he was last admitted. I couldn't have forseen the impending 7 month stay ahead of me at that time. Everyday I kept thinking, "Well, maybe he can come home tomorrow." Looking back I have no clue how we made it all those months in the hospital. I guess it's very true that ignorance is bliss. Had someone told me how long we would be there back then I would have laughed and then likely had an aneurysm. I wasn't prepared for an admission this week. I really thought we'd make it until July when he's scheduled to have his prosthesis surgery for his skull. Last time I had just had a baby (Parker was 4 weeks old) and now I'm pregnant and due in just a couple months. I really don't want to raise another newborn in the hospital. I know Alec is the toughest little man I have ever met so I will keep praying and trusting that he will come home soon. For now though, I will attempt to sleep. Sleeping on the pull out chair in the room for three days is enough to wipe me OUT!!!



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