Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sun, Sun, Sun

This past weekend was so busy. In fact, it's always the busiest weekend of the year for me. Marc's birthday is the 16th and Kaitlyn's birthday is the 17th. Now top that off with Father's Day and you've pretty much got me running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off. But, I survived. And as my reward, we (meaning Marc and I - sans kids) went to Sunsplash for a full day of fun in the sun. It was such an odd feeling being there without my kids. A sort of wonderful, relaxing, spending time with my honey sort of feeling. It will be equally fun when we go with the whole family in a few weeks. Just a little less of the relaxing part :) I can't believe how exhausted I am today. It's good to know I can still play hard!
So, how do you all like the SB101 website? There are still some more things to be added and I'm sure I won't ever really be "finished". I will be continually adding and updating to keep current. But it's a process and a journey and I'm having a blast!
Okay, so I broke down and bought a computer game. Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". I love to solve puzzles and I am the first to admit that my idea of a "great night" is one that includes me with my nose shoved into a Lateral Thinking puzzle book. Well, this game was a blast! There were all sorts of things you had to pick up along the way and then "MacGuyver" yourself some new tools. Unfortunately, I think I was sucked into the game a little too much because I solved it in two days. I think it's designed to take at least a week or something. I'm sure my kids will be happy to know I won't be buying another computer game for a long while. Something to do with my obsessive-compulsive nature. Hmm...
Okay, I have about 20 minutes to myself while Marc is out with the kids having lunch. I think a power nap is calling me!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hi there, pull up a chair!

I'm finally here. Now I get to decorate, rearrange things, put labels on all my boxes. Oh wait, I'm talking about this blog, not my scraproom! I am eager to see how this all will develop. There are so many random little bits of scrapbooking stuff floating around in my head. I figured it was about time that I put them somewhere. Hopefully you will find it educational, motivational, and fun!
I am an avid reader of Ali Edwards blog. She finds inspiration in everything and it has really motivated me to work harder on my goals for this year. My favorite part about reading her blog is that it's all about accepting yourself and your art for what it is. It's not about doing things better or more like someone else. I really enjoyed her post on words. My word for this year is BECOME. It truely encompasses everything I've been feeling for so long. It's time now to stop dreaming, wishing, hoping, yearning and BECOME. So, that is where my motivation is drawing from right now. I'm making a big phrase board with only that word on it. It's going in my scraproom in a place where I can see it no matter what I'm doing. I feel change coming this year and it feels truely positive. My first step for change was the redesign of Scrapbooking101.com. There are still many more bits to put together but what I have is a great place to start. I hope you like it too! Okay, now I need to go work on my newsletter. Have a great evening!!!

p.s. if you really want to feel inspired to BECOME, I highly recommend The Pursuit of Happyness.